Automated Practice Machines

FungoMan’s New Android Wireless Controller: Easy to Operate

FungoMan is now easier to use than ever! Using the ease and functionality of the Android Operating System, we have been able to simplify the user program, add new features, and make operation of the FM machine simple, efficient, and fun! Call us at 318.775.0000 to place your order and receive a FREE Otterbox case!

Features and Benefits
• Easy Navigation Screen
• Better Visibility (7” screen)
• Over 40 editable Factory Installed Routines including infield, outfield, catcher, hitting, and conditioning drills
• Spin control to offer top spin, back spin, and even knuckle balls
• Shuffle the balls in the routine to keep players on their toes!

• Conveniently sized (fits in your pocket!)
• Larger viewing touch screen
• Sharper resolution
• Fast Processor
• Longer Battery Life


Main Menu

The FungoMan Wireless Controller App makes it super easy to run preprogrammed drills, or to build your own set of user created drills. Easily change base path from 60, 70, 75, 80, and 90 feet for youth and travel ball players to high school, college, and professional players.

QuickPick Screen

The QuickPick Page gives you the quickest way to throw a ball anywhere on the field. Just press a position, elevation, and speed button, and you are ready to press throw. Simple and quick.

Ball Screen

The Ball Screen makes it simple and easy to adjust the position, elevation, speed, and spin of any ball in your routine. You can throw the exact ball in the exact location with the exact speed and spin.

Routine Screen

The routine page gives you access to the FungoMan Factory Installed Routines featuring ready to run team, infield, outfield, catcher, and batting drills for teams or individuals.

Play Screen

The easy to understand Play Screen gives you a choice of throwing balls individually or by specifying a time between each ball and playing the entire routine automatically.