Automated Practice Machines

7 Communication Plays that Win or Lose Baseball Games

Here are 7 plays that involve communication between players. The key to recording outs in each situations hinges on players’ ability to know their responsibilities, communicate properly to their teammate(s), and execute the required techniques.

Adding this routine to the FungoMan wireless remote gives coaches and players a drill that will replicate these plays simply and accurately. The drill is most effective when run with the entire team on the field.

1. Each play in the routine has player responsibilities and techniques that should be discussed prior to executing the play.

2. Plays should be “walked through” at a slow pace to discuss and demonstrate proper execution.

3. As proficiency is developed, the drill should be executed at game speed.

4. Finally, by simulating a game situation with number of outs and base runners, the drill becomes an intense mental conditioning practice, as well as a tool to develop proper techniques and communication.
To add the drill to your FungoMan Wireless Remote:
1. Create a new user created routine by making a copy of ROUTINE ONE

2. Rename the copied drill to 7 Communication Plays that Win Games

3. Use the table on the attached pdf as a guide to creating the routine.

4. Add each ball to the routine (Options, Add Ball)

5. Describe each ball from the BALL PAGE

6. After all of the balls have been entered, test the drill on the field and make adjustments to each ball as needed from the BALL PAGE
This routine doesn’t contain all of the plays that require communication on the field. Therefore, feel free to add balls to this list. Since the drill is run using the coach control mode (balls are fired manually), the coach always has the option to skip a ball in the routine list.