Automated Practice Machines

Our Mission

To empower athletes and those that train them, as they make their valuable contribution in the pursuit of excellence.

About Us

FungoMan® produces and sells the most efficient, portable, and advanced baseball and softball practice repetition machines available. For more than 14 years, engineers and programmers at FungoMan® have researched and developed the hardware and software needed to revolutionize practice made perfect.

Leading-edge technology has been introduced to control the motion and speed of the throwing head.

A revolutionary and patented ball-feeding system ensures perfectly placed balls that can fire every three seconds with speeds over 100 mph, allowing players and coaches to run basic to advanced pre-scripted pitching or fielding drills.

Visionary coaches and players have used the FungoMan® technology and implemented it into their practices. As a result of the efficiency in delivering fundamental repetitions, time to explore advanced techniques and training methods are now common place on fields across America and abroad.

This phenomenon has translated into player and team success stories and championships.

Customer satisfaction is #1 with FungoMan®. A bumper-to-bumper 1-year warranty, on staff engineers, programmers, and customer support staff ensures user confidence. FungoMan’s satisfied list of customers range from individual professional and amateur players to MLB, Collegiate, High School, Academy, and Youth League Teams.

These corporate values have built a reputation for exceptionally flexible, effective, and innovative products for players and coaches at all levels desiring to improve and perfect their individual and team skills.

Explore and learn how the FungoMan® technology is transforming players and teams.

Comprehensive U.S. and foreign patents that claim the basic device, method and system for operating FungoMan®, including the software and custom programming have been issued.