Automated Practice Machines

FungoMan FM-250

FungoMan is the Automated Baseball Pitching & Fielding Machine, simply controlled by a wireless tablet, providing accurate, repetitive, and timely practice for teams and individuals.





“I really feel like using the FungoMan presents a more gamelike speed and hop for our guys to get their work done.  The remote controller allows me to be out on the field close to our players for instructional purposes.” more…
Chris Finwood,
Old Dominion University


“With the ‘FungoMan,’ the ball flight is consistent — we’re giving them balls right at them, shoestring catches, balls in the gap, to the line, even pop-ups to the infielders. Having this just makes sense.”more…
Dave Roberts
San Diego Padres


We purchased a machine about 15 months ago. Since then, we have thrown over 57,000 balls for hitting and fielding drills. FungoMan is helping my son achieve his dream of one day playing in MLB! more…
Max Soliz
Father of 12U Max Soliz Jr.


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“It was the first piece of equipment I asked to purchase upon arriving at Edmond North due to how much I used it at the high school I previously coached at.” more…

Karl King

Head Baseball Coach, Edmond North HS