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This robot’s name is FungoMan and he just wants to play baseball with the Padres

By Corey Brock /

For the past five years, “FungoMan” has collected dust and cobwebs in the back corner of the Padres’ covered batting cage at their Spring Training facility.

But this spring, the automated machine that directs fly balls to outfielders has finally seen the light of day—and so, too, have the Padres, who are raving about the machine.

The “FungoMan,” which resembles a pitching machine on wheels, has been used during the first few weeks of camp to spin balls of varying direction and distance to outfielders, replacing the job once done by coaches with a fungo bat.

Don’t feel bad for the coaches, though.

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Manual Controller Drills Every High School Coach Should Own

While there’s no right or wrong way to use the FungoMan FM-250, great time-saving drills can make the difference between an average vs dynamic practice. There is no doubt that the FungoMan Wireless Remote can do incredible things, but what happens when you leave your remote controller at home? Or you have a new coach that has never used the Wireless Remote? Or, you simply want to set up a quick drill without setting up a program? No sweat. Today we’ve provided a clutch short list of quality settings on your manual controller that will keep your players coming back for more.

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San Diego State Making the Most of the FungoMan

Mark Martinez begins his first season as the head coach at San Diego State after nine years as an Aztec assistant coach under the late Tony Gwynn. Martinez helped Gwynn transform and build the program into what it is today. He has helped guide the Aztecs to three regional appearances in the past six years after an 18 year absence from the postseason. Along the way, he has guided the team to back-to-back Mountain West Championships. He has also helped build an academic program that saw the highest APR in the history of the program last season, as well as the most scholar-athletes and highest team GPA in the history of the program.

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Grinders Baseball Academy – Kelly Stinnett Baseball

The old saying “practice makes perfect” pretty accurately defines Kelly Stinnett Baseball. And Kelly Stinnett knows a lot about not only practicing, but practicing the right way. “I believe that you play the way you practice,” says Stinnett, a 15-year Major League Baseball veteran. “And if you practice correctly, that’s going to pay off come game-time.”

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7 Communication Plays that Win or Lose Baseball Games

Here are 7 plays that involve communication between players. The key to recording outs in each situations hinges on players’ ability to know their responsibilities, communicate properly to their teammate(s), and execute the required techniques. 

Adding this routine to the FungoMan wireless remote gives coaches and players a drill that will replicate these plays simply and accurately. The drill is most effective when run with the entire team on the field.

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Lakeside High School Throws 198,384 Balls with FungoMan

Sibley, LA – October 7, 2011 – Head Coach Bob Gray has been coaching in Northwest Louisiana for over 26 years. He has seen a lot of baseball both as a coach and as a father. However, it wasn’t until March of 2008, that he convinced the parents and boosters of his small community in Sibley, LA that they needed the FungoMan Automated Baseball Practice Machine. He was able to see the number of repetitions increase overnight. “I had the drills,” Gray said. “…and I knew what I wanted to accomplish. Now I had a tool that would help me accomplish more during the same amount of time.”

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Student of the Game


GoDuke The Magazine, April 2011

As an alumnus with a rich background in the professional ranks, Duke baseball coach Sean McNally embraces player development as one of the essential avenues to building a better Blue Devil program. It is an especially significant tenet this year with a roster that includes 15 freshmen, four or five of whom start on a regular basis. McNally and his staff utilize numerous tools to help groom their players’ talents, and two new ones came on board this season — the artificial resurfacing of Jack Coombs Field to create an excellent on-campus training facility, and the addition of a FungoMan, an automated practice machine.

The FungoMan can rifle a slew of realistic ground balls at rapid intervals to players who want extra work on their defense. Infielders in particular make use of the device to practice fielding grounders after team workouts or on their own time — and nobody has used the machine more than freshman shortstop Angelo LaBruna.

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