Empowering athletes and coaches in their pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

When it comes to player development and training, we believe athletes grow best with purposeful and specific repetitions. That’s why we’ve developed FungoMan technology. We’ve seen forward-thinking coaches and players across the country accelerate their development and skills, advance to the highest levels of play, all the while making a valuable contribution in their pursuit of excellence.

Our Story

The FungoMan idea was first conceived by baseball dad and former professional football player, Denny Duron, who wanted to give more reps to his son asking for extra practice. After realizing he couldn’t provide his son challenging defensive work, he and Romy Cucjen, also a baseball dad and former professional baseball player, set out to innovate a machine that would solve a couple of problems:

Ability to practice by yourself.

Perfect repetitions to practice concisely. Today, visionary coaches and players use FungoMan® technology to solve the same problem. As a result, FungoMan provides efficient fundamental repetitions for baseball and softball instructors alike.

Instructors now have time to explore and demonstrate advanced techniques and training methods.  In effect, players are getting better faster. Teams are winning more games.

Our Platform

The FungoMan Network empowers coaches and athletes to advance confidently past the competition. With innovative drills and support, each facet sparks creativity in training. And in the pursuit of excellence, we inspire the next generation of athletes to make their valuable contribution.

Solo Practice Tool

FungoMan technology opens up opportunity for improvement for players outside of monitored practice time. If a player struggles with backhands, she can get that extra work in and nail the game-speed backhand groundball in the seventh.

Ball-Feeding System

A revolutionary and patented ball-feeding system ensures uninterrupted practice tempo and momentum. Dump a couple buckets of balls in the bin and enjoy continuously accurate repetitions (200 baseballs, 70 softballs).

Coach Closer

Automating fungoes allows the coach to freely demonstrate proper technique for every position on the field. Imagine it: a coach instructing next to the player rather than shouting from home plate.

Precise Repetitions

Leading-edge technology introduces sports industry professionals to precise control over motion and speed of the throwing head. Making tough plays practiceable. Making game-saving plays fundamentals.

Patented Technology

Comprehensive U.S. and foreign patents that claim the basi c device, method and system for operating FungoMan®, including the software and custom programming have been issued.

Customer Success Driven Care

We win as coaches win games and players advance to the next level. Your success is quinessential to us at FungoMan®. Which is why we offer bumper-to-bumper 1-year warranty, on staff engineers, programmers, and customer support staff to ensure user confidence. FungoMan’s satisfied list of customers range from individual professional and amateur players to MLB, Collegiate, High School, Academy, and Youth League Teams.

As a coach and player conscious business, we highly value the relationships between coaches, athletes, and parents. These formative relationships in the development of the athlete begin with a desire for their best opportunity to excel. Our drive for excellence as a company reflects our pursuit of the one who is most excellent—Jesus—a counter cultural, empowerer of others. FungoMan was born from an idea to empower a player to be the best he could be. We hope to do the same for every coach and player who uses the FungoMan technology.

20+ employees

coaches, sales, engineers, support

1000+ customers

25+ states

40+ workouts

team, outfield, infield, catching, pitching and hitting


Participating coaches in the FungoMan Network


athletes and coaches empowered by the FungoMan technology

380 million+

balls thrown by FungoMan technology

"Empowered coaches empower players, and we're here to empower both."

Romy Cucjen